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How to make printer safe?

Illegal users within the LAN may take the opportunity to use a shared printer, resulting in print costs "climbing." In order to prevent illegal users to share the printer at random, we need to set the account permissions to use the printer to limit the use of the object. By setting the security attribute for the printer installed on the host, specify a legitimate account to use the shared hp 201x

The first step: in the host "printer and fax" folder, right-click the shared printer icon, from the right-click menu, select "Properties" option, then open the shared printer property settings box, switch " Security "tab.

Step 2: Select "everyone" at the "Name" list at the option set page that opens, and select "Reject" for the "Print" at the "Permissions" list, so that any user is not free Access the shared printer.

Step 3: Then click the "Add" button, you can use the shared account of the legitimate account to import into the "name" list, and then select the legitimate account selected, and select the corresponding print permission to "allow" The

Repeat the third step to the other need to use the shared dell toner cartridges all the legitimate account into, and in turn their print permissions set to "allow", and then click "OK" button.

Tip: If the "Security" tab can not be found, you can cancel the "Use simple file sharing" by selecting "Tools → Folder Options → View" on the folder menu bar.

Client installation and configuration

Step 1: Click "Start → Settings → Printers and Faxes", start the "Add Printer Wizard", select "Network Printer" option.

Step 2: Several ways to add a network printer are available on the Specified Printers page. If you do not know the specific path of the network printer, you can select the "Browse Printer" option to find the printer sharing the same working group in the LAN, the computer where the printer is installed, and then click the "OK" button after selecting the printer; if you already know You can enter the network path of the shared printer, such as " james compaqIJ" (james is the user name of the host), and then click "Next" in the "Common naming convention" (UNC) format for the printer, "

Step 3: At this time the system will ask you to enter the printer name again, after the input, click the "Next" button, then press the "Finish" button, if the host set a shared password, here requires a password. Finally, we can see in the client's "printer and fax" folder has been a shared printer icon, where our network printer has been installed.
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What is the type of toner cartridges?

Toner cartridges are integral (or integrated) and separate two. The integrated cartridge is designed to contain toner cartridges and drums on the same device. When the toner is exhausted or the drum is damaged, the entire cartridge is scrapped. This type of cartridge is mainly HP (HP) and Canon (Canon) models, this unique design to increase the user's printing costs, and the great harm to environmental pollution, but brought to the manufacturer Lucrative profits. Separate brother toner cartridge and drums and other drums in different devices, and the photosensitive drum general life is very long, generally can print to reach 20,000 life. Just put on the brother tn450 is consumed on the line, so the user's printing costs are greatly reduced. Because it has a great relationship with the life of the photosensitive material in the toner cartridge. If the life of the drum printer is not as good as the life of the integrated printer cartridge, it is impossible to save the cost of printing a single page, so the cost of printing a single page And drum has a great relationship.

Find printer toner cartridges for nearly any model of laser printers on the market today at V4ink. They offer a complete line of drums and toner cartridges printing supplies at a fraction of the cost of branded products. 

The basic structure of the drum is composed of aluminum tube and photosensitive material. According to the different materials, the basic can be divided into three types: OPC drum (organic light guide material), toner cartridge (Se selenium) and ceramic drum (a-si ceramic). In life, OPC drum life is generally about 3000 pages, Se drum life is about 9000 pages, a-si drum life is 90000 pages. While the general ordinary cartridge (OPC) only the first three. The first layer is aluminum, the second layer is the insulation layer, the third layer is the photosensitive layer. Long life drum surface is composed of four - five layers of material, ceramic photosensitive material long - life cartridge can even print more than 100,000 pages. Its fourth layer is the first protective layer, the fifth layer is the second protective layer, the fourth, fifth layer is used to protect the photosensitive layer. Which is the parameters of the manufacturers of the test evaluation, of course, these prices are very different.

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What should we pay attention when adding printer ink?

When add printer ink, we should pay attention to the tips as follow:

1, to confirm the ink cartridge must be intact;

2, please fill the hp ink cartridges as soon as possible after the addition of ink, so as not to place a long time inside the cartridge dry obstruction;

3, the tn 660 ink must be removed when the cartridge can not be removed in the cartridge is not removed but directly fill the ink caused by ink into the printer caused by plug or short circuit phenomenon;

4, the key to successful refilling is to choose high-quality ink and scientific fill, please try to use zero carbon technology, raw materials, ink;

5, after filling the ink to ensure that the back of the ink tank cleaning tank, such as the gas tank residual ink application paper towel wipe clean. So as to avoid the clogging of the gas barrier and produce monochrome is not good or broken and other issues;

 6, when the above situation did not appear and the cartridge does not exist in the case of ink, you can first remove the cartridge, and then the ink out of the mouth, the appropriate force to knock a few different colors such as ink all knock out, wipe out Ink ink, put the cartridge back to the printer, re-clean. This is done to knock the ink to the bottom of the cartridge and to ensure that the ink will be out of the ink out of the ink;

7, Find printer toner cartridges for nearly any model of laser printers on the market today at V4ink is a good choose.An ink cartridge can be filled with the number of times the ink, to see the durability of its sponge generally recommended to fill 4 times should be replaced;

8, the amount of ink to be moderate, if the ink over the amount, not only will lead to leakage of ink, and overflow of ink is likely to wet the mechanical parts, affecting the appearance. If you add ink too much, please use a soft paper towel to wipe the ink cartridges and print head, the excess ink to dry.
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How to clean the outside part of printer?

Clean the internal work of the printer device is complicated, but the external cleaning is relatively simple and safe. When cleaning the outside of the equipment, we can use the cleaning protective spray used to clean the interior of the car, because this cleaner can reduce static electricity, the safety of the surface of the plastic. We only need to spray the detergent on the soft cloth, and then use it to wipe the equipment shell, be careful not to spray the spray into the machine inside, while cleaning the printer outside, we can also through the air outlet, And the compressed air is blown into the bin to remove dust and dirt.

Although the printer is not a delicate product, but regular cleaning and maintenance can effectively extend its life. Usually a month to the outside of a clean, two months or so on the internal internal cleaning, so that you can greatly improve the efficiency of the printer can also reduce the frequency of failure.

Nozzle clogging. This is the most common inkjet printer failure, if the inkjet printing device for a long time to put, and then it is easy to use nozzle clogging. Under normal circumstances, we will repeatedly implement the printer control software "cleaning" operation to solve the problem, but the shortcomings of this method is a waste of a lot of ink. Some friends use alcohol to clean, the effect is good, but not applicable to all products, some of the material may cause damage to the nozzle. Here, Xiaobian to teach you how to spend the least money to solve the problem of nozzle clogging.

First, remove the nozzle, if it is ink cartridges and nozzle one, remove the cartridge, be careful not to hurt the print nozzle, and then print the head upside down. Drop a drop of water with a dropper, gently drop on the print nozzle, let the water slowly into the nozzle, if the water dry, once again drop the water droplets. So repeated until the water droplets open the nozzle on the dry ink so far, under normal circumstances about 4-10 minutes. V4INK is cheapest place to buy printer ink, they offer a complete line of drums and toner cartridges printing supplies at a fraction of the cost of branded products.

We can also purchase special "cleaning papers" in some office supplies stores, which are covered with special paper that can absorb dust and excess dell toner from the printer's paper path, and because they go through the complete printing process, The cleaning inside the printer is also the most thorough.
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How to removal the HP printer?

In the process of troubleshooting will inevitably encounter the removal of the printer, so there is some methods of hp printer cartridges removal as follows:

Remove the front cover: holding the front cover and the right side of the cover on the joint, to the left side of the force at the same time, to their side of the body can be removed gently pull.

Removal of the rear cover: the back of the HP printer has two 3mm diameter screws and a hexagonal square screw. When the three screws all removed, with a diameter of 2mm small screwdriver in the rear of the automatic feed slot has two 4mm × 1mm hole out of the pull, hear the "click" sound, and then pull up the paper Enter the bracket, you can easily remove the rear cover. Note: The upper and lower corners of the rear cover of the printer are dented with the upper cover joint. Remove the entire cover: the top of the printer has two hexagonal screws, the right side of the bottom of a small role in the lock plate, the bottom of the printer four four pin selling. Hold the front of the heating assembly with both hands and thumbs, and the other fingers move forward and down, allowing the two front pins to be separated. And then pull the right side of the small plate, and then pull up the card cover can be removed.

In the maintenance process, in order to avoid unnecessary losses, there are a few notes need attention:

First of all, the printer in the paper printing process, do not dial the paper feed channel handle, so as not to cause a paper jam. Second, do not plug the printer data cable, so that the printer or computer host interface circuit is damaged. Be sure to cut off the printer power, the best computer host and printer power are cut off. Do not force paper out of paper when you finally jam.

In addition, in the daily use, especially in the printing process to interrupt the print job, first remove the paper, and then in the host's print job will delete the task, press the control panel button 5 seconds to three When the indicator light turns on again, the print job is cleared. When the error light (yellow) is on, it indicates that the paper is out of paper, the front cover is open, the hp 201x toner is not in the printer, and the printer is jammed (Note: sometimes the paper is jammed under the heating roller and the front cover is not open To). When the three lights are all bright, please find professional maintenance. If the toner cartridge is heavily leaking, please do not use it.

Above is the laser printer filling powder regeneration process, we need to operate in strict accordance with the steps, and in the repeated trials to sum up experience, as far as possible to avoid filling the drum caused by regeneration or damage.
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What’s the Difference Between Original and Compatible Ink Cartridges?

Ink Printers: they’re cheap to buy, easy to use but expensive to maintain! It’s no secret that the ink manufacturers almost give away their printers in order to get you hooked on their line of ink cartridges. Cellular companies use the same business model;

Printers don’t come with contracts so you have plenty of options. When your ink runs low, you have three types of replacement cartridges to choose from:

OEM cartridges are cartridges that your printer manufacturer is counting on you to buy. They are the most expensive since this is how manufacturers make their money back from selling printers at a very low price.

cartridges made by third-party manufacturers and are built to the same specifications as OEM ink cartridges. Not all compatible cartridges are created equal since the quality depends on the brand. A compatible cartridge bought from a reliable source delivers quality prints and is always less expensive than the original counterpart.

Types of Compatible Cartridges:

1.Brand New Compatible Cartridges are manufactured with 100% new materials.

2.Remanufactured Cartridges (aka: Refurbished Cartridges) are empty OEM cartridges diverted from the landfill, cleaned, repaired, refilled with ink, and tested to make sure it prints like the original.
Let’s face it; the manufacturers want you to buy their ink. There’s nothing wrong with OEM cartridges–just that they’re way too expensive. From a consumer’s point of view, when you purchase one cartridge at a time, it may not seem like a lot of money. But once you add up how much you spent on OEM ink and compare it with the price of a compatible cartridge, the difference is staggering. Here are some reasons most people go with compatible printer cartridges from a trusted supplier like LD Products.

They’re good for the environment. Every refurbished cartridge is one less cartridge sitting in a landfill.

They’re good for communities. Remanufacturers often source a large volume of used cartridges from community recycling programs and fundraising initiatives.

They work just as good when properly remanufactured. Some companies simply drill and fill used brother ink cartridges; continue reading for how an ink cartridge SHOULD be remanufactured.

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