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How to Properly Take Care of Your Ink Cartridge?

Handling and installing your ink cartridges the right way isn’t rocket science, but it can help save you money and keep your printer happy and healthy. A couple simple steps taken when replacing cartridges make a huge difference that results in better print quality and longer lasting ink, as well as preventing annoyances such as printer head clogs.

re-installation handling of your cartridge.
Before you install a new ink cartridge into your printer, be sure to inspect it. Gently shake the cartridge or tap it on a hard surface a couple times to prime the ink. Ideally, you want to do this BEFORE you remove the protective tape. Otherwise, you’re at risk of spilling ink all over the place . . . a messy and costly flub.

Your next move depends on the type of cartridge you’re installing. Most cartridges have a plastic pull tab that will cover the vent hole or a plastic clip that is protecting the cartridge while it’s in its packaging. Not every cartridge will have a clip or tab, but if they do it’s important to remove them before you try installing your ink cartridges.

Be cautious around the gold contact or connection point on your cartridge when installing. These points of contact are crucial for getting accurate readings on your ink levels and making a good connection with your printer. They are also easy to scratch and won’t work well when covered in ink residue or dust. If you see dust on this gold chip, gently wipe it clean with a Q-tip or lint-free cloth.

Installing your ink cartridges.
Before you try to install your ink cartridge for the first time, be sure to reference your instruction manual. Every printer is different and improperly installing your ink cartridge can damage the printer, your cartridge or both. If your printer didn’t come with a manual or you’ve misplaced it, more often than not you can find a PDF version available for download on the manufacturer’s website. More popular canon printer cartridges models will often have a tutorial video available on the brand website, YouTube, or any number of tech savvy blogs.

When installing fresh ink into your printer, go slow and be careful. Keep installed cartridges from drying out by using the power button to turn off the printer. Wait until the power button is completely off before unplugging the unit. This allows the printer head to return to its resting position, which will help you prevent damage to the printer.
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What should we need to know about maintain the printer ink

Print head cleaning method:
Printer ink in a long time do not have or use a period of time, there will be printing is not clear, breakpoints, broken lines and other failures, then need to use the print head cleaning method to solve.But how to cleaning, here will give you some ways to help you.
Most printer ink will automatically clean the print head and have a button to clean the print head. Such as Canon printer ink, most of the ink printer is equipped with quick cleaning, routine cleaning and thorough cleaning third gear cleaning function, the specific cleaning operation, please refer to the printer ink operating manual steps on it.
However, if the continuous cleaning after a few times to print is still not satisfied, it should be ink has been used up, need to replace the cartridge. When the ink cartridge is not used, it is best not to remove it, otherwise it will cause the ink to waste or the printer to measure the ink.
In general, the printer's ink on the printer within a short time will not happen hardening like deterioration, so we do not need to take out the cartridge. However, if your printer really do not have long-term, then it needs to take out the cartridge, so you can prevent ink deterioration, but also to ensure the life of the nozzle.
If the automatic cleaning method fails to prove that the blockage is more serious, usually the printer for a long time useless or the use of the process of power, the nozzle is not reset. With the syringe facing the nozzle, constantly pulling the pressure device, so that high-speed air flow cleaning nozzle, and suck out the remaining ink, is a saving ink cleaning method.
If the manual cleaning method does not work, it is necessary to prepare the printer for the following operation.
A Turn off the power first, and unplug the plug, completely disconnect the power.
B Remove the moving shaft and turn the belt, and then carefully pick up the print head, rinse with distilled water.
C with syringes and soft hose to form a jet system, inserted into the ink hole for cleaning.
Three steps should be very careful, absolutely can not let the water stained the circuit board, if unfortunately wet the circuit board, should immediately dry with a hair dryer. Finally, replace the printer, re-implementation of the software cleaning process, so that the ink inside the nozzle of the distilled water washed away.
Long-term unused integrated print head As the ink dry and plug the nozzle, you can use hot water soaked and then cleaned.
Cleaning the printer ink head should note the following points
A Do not use sharp objects to clean the nozzle, can not hit the nozzle, do not touch the nozzle;
B can not be disassembled in the live state, install the nozzle, do not hand or other items contact print the car's electrical contacts;
C can not remove the nozzle from the printer alone placed, can not place the nozzle in dusty places.

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Single ink cartridge and double ink cartridge which is good?

We usually have some questions when purchase printers.

One, single, double ink cartridge which is good?
What we call a single, double cartridge, is the number of ink cartridges installed on the inkjet printer. Inkjet printers are equipped with two cartridges, one is put black ink cartridges, one is put color ink cartridges, but the small sector models take into account the user's printing needs, support a single cartridge. In general, when printing black text, use black ink cartridges; print color images, the use of color ink cartridges, so you can do
To interfere with each other, greatly extending the life of the cartridge.

Second, the cartridge is one of the nozzle is still a good split?
Cartridge nozzle is a nozzle that is done on the cartridge, not done in the printer, so when we replace the cartridge, it means that the replacement of the nozzle. Because these nozzles are disposable, so it is generally not too fine in the workmanship, print quality is usually less than the permanent nozzle, the price of the cartridge is also higher. But the advantage of this design is that the replacement of ink cartridges, the nozzle at the same time
Replaced, the print quality will not follow the use of time to extend the deterioration; more importantly, the empty cartridge can re-irrigation of ink, almost no risk. Split design advantage is the fine processing of the nozzle, print quality is high, but the drawback is also very significant, because the nozzle is not updated, the longer the use of the printing results worse. Self-filling the ink cartridge to the ink tank easily damage the nozzle
, And once the nozzle is damaged, he almost can not repair or replace. It seems that the cartridges are still more economical.

Third, how long is the life of the cartridge?
Cartridge life is also of concern. Similarly, the nominal value of the ink cartridge life of thousands of pages, but also a prerequisite, that is, according to regulations, usually A4 paper, 5% of the ink coverage rate to test. And the actual use of a small image, it is possible to greatly exceed 5% Moreover, in the daily intermittent use of the process, the cleaning and filling process will consume a lot of ink
The The actual situation is: the author of a new box of ink, probably printed nearly 300 pages almost ran out.

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The purchase and filling of the ink cartridges

Inkjet printers are very popular on the market nowadays, the use of inkjet printer cartridges is one of the most important supplies, people always has some problems when they purchase, preservation, replacement of ink cartridges and ink, to this end we summed up some of precautions for your reference:
1. Ink cartridges and ink purchase
 1) When purchasing ink cartridges, please pay attention to the printer model and the cartridge match, for example, your printer is HP printer, you must use the HP printer cartridges.

 2)Please pay attention to the marked date on the cartridge, it should be used within the validity period. If the foil is to be torn, use it as soon as possible or use a sealed package.

 3)You should try to use quality assurance or better brand of ink cartridges and ink to ensure that it will not appear broken ink and plug ink in use.

 4)You should try to use the same brand of ink cartridges and ink or run out of another then annother, please try to print one to two to confirm no problem after replace the ink, because the ink contains chemical reagents, if the two kinds of ink mix, it is likely to produce broken ink or plug ink phenomenon.

2.Note of fill the ink:

1.Fill the ink before in the lack, it will be better (the ink must be consistent), it is best to have two ink cartridges instead.

2.If it is sponge cartridges, its suction speed is slow, please fill as much as possible to slow down the speed and into the ink (about 2-4CC / times) so that the cavernous body has sufficient time to absorb the ink into the ink Spillage caused by color mixing or contamination.

3.The cartridge is preferably 30-60 minutes for the sponge and the like after fully filling the ink in the ink absorber, and air is discharged before use.

4. If it is a nozzle and ink cartridge, do not touch the ink on the cartridge and the nozzle when the ink is filled, and keep the circuit on the printer and ink cartridge clean to extend the number of times and life of the ink cartridge.

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Why I use third-party ink cartridges

An original cartridge is manufactured by the same brand that made your printer. e.g. an original toner is manufactured by HP; while a third party cartridge is a cartridge manufactured by a different company for your printer. e.g. a cartridge for a HP printer, but not made by HP. These are compatible printer cartridges which are not made by the printer manufacturer.

There are many advantages to using third-party toner cartridge. In the first place, they are really affordable. As we know, printer ink can be the one of the most expensive items in your office as the cost of replacing the ink cartridges can cost as much as the printer itself. Due to the high cost of replacement ink, I’d rather turn to the 3rd party ink and toner options at much reduced cost.

I understand the concern about the quality of third-party inks. 3rd party ink and toner options should be just as reliable as genuine cartridges, as long as you shop from reputable suppliers. In fast, consumers typically can’t tell the difference between original and compatible cartridge performance. With the ink formulation incredibly close to the genuine cartridge, you’ll often see just as good colour reproduction, accuracy of print and ease of use, all at a bargain price. And how often do we need top quality prints anyway? The majority of home printing is text documents, emails and web pages, most of which a draft print is good enough for. Third party ink cartridges are reasonable and they just work fine.

Another great advantage is that it is good for the environment. There's 660 cartridges thrown away every minute. By re-using your printer cartridges you will not produce any cartridge waste and thus keeping them out of landfills. So, you’re helping the environment and saving money with refilled ink and toner cartridges!

I have bought some third-party tn660 toner cartridges. The cost savings alone is more than worth the investment in the ink and if I had to d
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