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How to repair the toner cartridge ?

Adding toner to the toner cartridge is the most important way to reduce printing costs. However, the more the number of toner, the print quality of the cartridge is getting worse, the general increase when the number of times more than 2,3 times the toner, there will be some regular black spots, but this problem will As the number of printing increases and becomes more and more serious. Finally, there will be printed documents illegible or print a black mark, this time, the cartridge was scrapped, it is a pity to abandon, leaving no use, most people will choose to replace the new cartridge at this time. In fact, this old cartridge is still available, there are indeed ways to repair, that is, renewable. After the repair cartridge print quality can be comparable with the original cartridge, but the cost is only about a quarter of the original cartridge it. This meets the requirements of the environment, but also save us money. Heard here, is not already heart it! Well, let us now together to waste toner cartridge "back to life."

In fact, the method of repair cartridge can be divided into new toner and replace the drum two parts. The following is a common Hp CF287A, for example, to provide you how to make the cartridge regeneration method. First of all, to turn off the power of the printer, remove the toner cartridge from the printer, both sides of the silver metal pin pull out the cartridge can be divided into two parts, a light blue photosensitive selenium side is the collection of waste toner, The one with the magnet roller is for the powder part. And then unscrew the part of the magnetic roller without gear on the side of the powder supply.

After the plastic shell is removed, a plastic cover can be seen, the plastic cover is opened, the toner inside the toner cartridge and the magnetic roller are all cleaned, Be sure to clean up all the remaining toner, the best vacuum cleaner net. Then the magnet roller just installed in the reverse order, this time the force should hold the magnet roller, to prevent the magnet roller from the place. Shake the toner and slowly poured into the powder storage bin, a good plastic cover and plastic shell should pay attention to the semicircle on the end of the magnetic roller shaft and semicircular hole on the plastic shell is good. Pull out the fixed pin after the old drum out, and then, will waste Powder collection part of the waste powder clean up. Press the disassembly in reverse order to put a new drum, photosensitive drum installation should pay attention to is about the points, there will be gear on the side of the docking groove installed. Fix the photo conductor with the fixing pin.
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How’s the quality of Canon CRG 046?

In the printing supplies market, quality, professional has been the user expectations, and only high-quality supplies and professional skills and services to allow users to purchase and use supplies more worry-free. In fact, in the printing supplies market, quite a mixed bag, fake, inferior and other non-professional supplies overflowing, plaguing many printer users. For the final printer users, the cost of the budget is very limited circumstances, the choice of what kind of supplies, in the choice of supplies should pay attention to what details and applications? Probably a lot of users are not aware of.

Judging a brand consumables is professional, high-quality, may need some applications and tests to know the final result, a few of which are very important factor is, print quality, print test whether leakage, the print volume can achieve the desired Standard, the other is the stability of the cartridge, these factors may be many users are easy to ignore.

Compatible with the domestic supplies brands, many compatible cartridges in the unboxing will be some problems when the situation, in which leakage is a very intuitive problem, may open the outer packaging, open the inner packaging tape, some compatible brand toner cartridge There will be powder leakage, or opened the seal, the problem of powder leakage. When we unpacked the Canon CRG 046 toner cartridge, we did not find any leakage of toner. After shaking the toner cartridge, we pulled out the seal and did not leak any powder, so we can see the quality of V4Ink toner cartridge and technology expertise.

Print quality has always been the user's most concerned about, and the stability is very poor, may not print a few will appear quality problems, canon printer cartridges for a continuous multi-page output, continuous print a few Ten test documents, from the output quality point of view, the overall output is very good, there is no output quality problems, there is no paper jam situation.

In terms of output quality, Canon CRG 046 print text part is very clear; paper is very clean, no leakage situation, and enlarge the viewing effect, the font grainy heavier, no white spots on the font strokes. Pictures, the light and shade part of the natural transition, while paper output is very clean and clear.
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Some guides of purchasing office printer cartridges

Many users often make the mistake of "only look at the brand, do not look at the quality" when purchasing the office printer cartridge, like many people will choose the brother tn450 toner cartridge. But actually if purchasing the inappropriate office printer cartridge, will influence the normal use in the future, wasted the massive cost and the time , It is strongly required to buy according to the classification of the crowd.

First, according to business users to buy. Business users to use the printer include image output and text output. Image output, mainly refers to engaged in advertising design, image processing and other professional users, these users require higher print quality, emphasis on image color performance. Such users can choose the original supplies. Text output, only to print the content of text-based users, such users for the clarity of this paper requires a higher, the printer is also used more frequently. These users choose domestic supplies will be greater cost savings.

Second, SOHO users. SOHO users generally choose the image printing and text printing compatible inkjet printers, printing images and text requirements are relatively high, but the original cartridges expensive is always a headache. This time, you may wish to use high-quality domestic ink cartridges. Domestic ink cartridges cheaper than the original one-third cheaper cartridges, although the quality of domestic ink cartridges compared to some of the original ink cartridges, but SOHO users, after all, is not a professional image design users, its printing effect can meet your image printing and text printing Claim.

Third, home users. These users generally choose the entry-level products, and now printer manufacturers in order to promote their own supplies sales, to prevent users to buy compatible cartridges, cartridges and ink head is generally one design, that is, in the replacement cartridges also replace the cartridges , Virtually add a chain to the user. As the replacement of ink cartridges is equivalent to replace the head, so before you replace the ink cartridges may wish to choose a low-cost way of injection, add the ink can make everyone use for a long time, or even after the ink head can be used to replace the ink cartridge, This will save you more money.
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How to fix Epson epsonLQ-1600K3 + dot matrix printer?

First, a misplaced print document or form.
Failure Analysis:
1.According to the routine cleaning of the word car components, after the BI-D adjustment, BI-D adjustment of the proofs are normal, online printing
WORD document, found that failure has not been ruled out;
2.Then try to replace the word car motor, the fault still;
3.replace the word car components (word car guide axis, word car bracket), the fault still;
4.with the exclusion Act, is certainly a mechanical problem, found that the word car with only moving the ribbon drive components (including the word car
Timing belt), try to replace it, the problem finally ruled out.
Maintenance Summary: The fault is due to the tightness of the word car belt caused by the poor, making the printing head left and right positioning when moving
Accurate, causing misplaced print.

Second, print misplaced, but the screen printing normal hp 201x state.
Failure Analysis:
1.first replace the motherboard, the fault still;
2.replace the printer port, but the use of SPP, EPP port, can not print online, only ECP can print;
3.print the printer to another computer to print normal, it appears that the software failure; first anti-virus, no virus, and then reinstall WIN98, online printing is normal.
Third, the work for a period of time, the panel lights all-flash; and sometimes a boot (print head just moved a few centimeters left)
The panel light starts to flash.
Failure Analysis:
1.first check whether the bad cable head, with or without deformation, or a foot into a bare line, and found to be normal;
2.check the thermistor end of the print head Weld, poor contact, normal;
3.followed by replacement of machinery, the motherboard, the fault still;
4.from another good brother tn450 toner machine demolition motherboard test hit, normal, troubleshooting;
5.motherboard only monitors the chip did not change, the test is ok.
Fault Summary: Monitor the operation of the disorder caused by printer instability.
As a hardware engineer, the main task is to quickly, accurately and finely fix every loom. Regardless of its fault and its internal structure, it should be treated in the same way so that its performance will be as good as that of its beginning.
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What famous brand of printer cartridge do you know?

We know there are many kinds of printer cartridge, some users will choose cheap toner cartridges, and some will choose more expensive toners. Just because their function is different, so price is also different, Of course the brand also affect the price, and the printer is the same.

Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Brother, Canon, Epson is the three major brands in the field of office equipment, they not only product variety, but also longer product lines. In many cases, users without a particular study, will be confused by a long list of English words + numbers, most people not only do not understand the meaning of the "model" is even more difficult to remember. In fact, these brands have their own type of product features, understand the meaning of various iconic words, its model is no longer difficult to understand.

Canon printer products are divided into inkjet printers, laser printers, portable printers three categories.Inkjet printing products are "PIXMA" (Teng Cai) as a series, "iP" is a single-function printing products logo. Such as Canon PIXMA iP1880, behind the larger the figure that higher performance and positioning, and these products are A4 format products. The "IX" indicates an A3 format ink jet printer, such as the Canon PIXMA iX5000. The longest Canon product line includes the "CP" and "ES" categories, such as the Canon SELPHY CP750 and Canon SELPHY ES1, all of which belong to the "SELPHY" line. "LBP" stands for Canon laser printers such as the Canon LBP-2900, again the larger the numbers, the better positioning and performance.

As we all know, Epson mainly inkjet products, including several broad categories, namely ordinary inkjet printers, photo printers and dot matrix printers, from the product model is easy to separate them. Epson low-end inkjet products in a series of products, that is, "ME" series, from ME1, ME1 +, ME2 are the products of this series, including ME200 is Epson's low-end inkjet machine. In the "ME" series of printers, ME1 + ME1 is an upgrade to replace the product, "+" is so.The other is a photo printer, model Stylus Photo is a symbol, such as Epson Stylus Photo R270, very easy to judge. Epson photo printer more products, but also a major Epson advantage.In addition, in 2007, Epson launched a new series, that is, business inkjet products, only one in the printer, that is, Epson Stylus C110, double black cartridge, black and white document printing speed ultra-fast .
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Find ways to improve printing efficiency,

Now people are more and more pursuit of perfection, for convenience, people began to find simple and convenient methods, such as intelligent share of tradition, print copy instead of handwriting, but the cost of printing is also very high,
and will need more printer cartridge, if someone often use cf230x, then the cost will be much higher.

Find ways to improve printing efficiency, printing has always been the relentless pursuit of each user! Usually many print users like to modify the print settings, print performance optimization method to improve printing efficiency; However, the default print settings can actually ensure that the printer get good Work efficiency, so by changing the print settings, optimize print performance methods to improve print efficiency may not be very obvious. In fact, one of the most obvious factors that affect printing efficiency is frequent print failure tips, especially some weird failure tips, which can be seriously affected if you can not quickly troubleshoot these printing problems. In view of this, this article from the beginning to learn to remove the printer weird tips to start, by increasing the troubleshooting experience to print efficiency to a new level!

First, the model is set to be correct Many operators in the installation of the printer driver, because there is no printer driver for the time being, so often in order to save trouble, to select the computer and the actual printer connected to a similar product or model, as the system currently The default printer, although the alternative installation method can also use the printer, but because of the subtle differences on the print driver may affect the printer's performance, and perhaps some of the printer's features can not be used! Therefore, in order to make the inkjet printer in the best working condition, we should re-check the current system installed printer model, whether the actual printer model is consistent.

Second , regular lubrication If you find that in the printing process, the cartridges on the cartridge holder can not freely slide, then it shows that the slider supporting the cartridge holder may accumulate too much dust, which brings the smooth movement of the cartridge A lot of resistance, which caused the cartridges to move blocked can not be correctly returned. At this point we can use a soft cloth to wipe the slider on the cartridge holder to clean the dust, and then drop a few drops on the slider like a sewing machine oil lubricant, while ensuring that the lubricant can be evenly coated, so that you can Good to improve the printing effect.
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