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What should we need to know about maintain the printer ink

Print head cleaning method:
Printer ink in a long time do not have or use a period of time, there will be printing is not clear, breakpoints, broken lines and other failures, then need to use the print head cleaning method to solve.But how to cleaning, here will give you some ways to help you.
Most printer ink will automatically clean the print head and have a button to clean the print head. Such as Canon printer ink, most of the ink printer is equipped with quick cleaning, routine cleaning and thorough cleaning third gear cleaning function, the specific cleaning operation, please refer to the printer ink operating manual steps on it.
However, if the continuous cleaning after a few times to print is still not satisfied, it should be ink has been used up, need to replace the cartridge. When the ink cartridge is not used, it is best not to remove it, otherwise it will cause the ink to waste or the printer to measure the ink.
In general, the printer's ink on the printer within a short time will not happen hardening like deterioration, so we do not need to take out the cartridge. However, if your printer really do not have long-term, then it needs to take out the cartridge, so you can prevent ink deterioration, but also to ensure the life of the nozzle.
If the automatic cleaning method fails to prove that the blockage is more serious, usually the printer for a long time useless or the use of the process of power, the nozzle is not reset. With the syringe facing the nozzle, constantly pulling the pressure device, so that high-speed air flow cleaning nozzle, and suck out the remaining ink, is a saving ink cleaning method.
If the manual cleaning method does not work, it is necessary to prepare the printer for the following operation.
A Turn off the power first, and unplug the plug, completely disconnect the power.
B Remove the moving shaft and turn the belt, and then carefully pick up the print head, rinse with distilled water.
C with syringes and soft hose to form a jet system, inserted into the ink hole for cleaning.
Three steps should be very careful, absolutely can not let the water stained the circuit board, if unfortunately wet the circuit board, should immediately dry with a hair dryer. Finally, replace the printer, re-implementation of the software cleaning process, so that the ink inside the nozzle of the distilled water washed away.
Long-term unused integrated print head As the ink dry and plug the nozzle, you can use hot water soaked and then cleaned.
Cleaning the printer ink head should note the following points
A Do not use sharp objects to clean the nozzle, can not hit the nozzle, do not touch the nozzle;
B can not be disassembled in the live state, install the nozzle, do not hand or other items contact print the car's electrical contacts;
C can not remove the nozzle from the printer alone placed, can not place the nozzle in dusty places.

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