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How to Properly Take Care of Your Ink Cartridge?

Handling and installing your ink cartridges the right way isn’t rocket science, but it can help save you money and keep your printer happy and healthy. A couple simple steps taken when replacing cartridges make a huge difference that results in better print quality and longer lasting ink, as well as preventing annoyances such as printer head clogs.

re-installation handling of your cartridge.
Before you install a new ink cartridge into your printer, be sure to inspect it. Gently shake the cartridge or tap it on a hard surface a couple times to prime the ink. Ideally, you want to do this BEFORE you remove the protective tape. Otherwise, you’re at risk of spilling ink all over the place . . . a messy and costly flub.

Your next move depends on the type of cartridge you’re installing. Most cartridges have a plastic pull tab that will cover the vent hole or a plastic clip that is protecting the cartridge while it’s in its packaging. Not every cartridge will have a clip or tab, but if they do it’s important to remove them before you try installing your ink cartridges.

Be cautious around the gold contact or connection point on your cartridge when installing. These points of contact are crucial for getting accurate readings on your ink levels and making a good connection with your printer. They are also easy to scratch and won’t work well when covered in ink residue or dust. If you see dust on this gold chip, gently wipe it clean with a Q-tip or lint-free cloth.

Installing your ink cartridges.
Before you try to install your ink cartridge for the first time, be sure to reference your instruction manual. Every printer is different and improperly installing your ink cartridge can damage the printer, your cartridge or both. If your printer didn’t come with a manual or you’ve misplaced it, more often than not you can find a PDF version available for download on the manufacturer’s website. More popular canon printer cartridges models will often have a tutorial video available on the brand website, YouTube, or any number of tech savvy blogs.

When installing fresh ink into your printer, go slow and be careful. Keep installed cartridges from drying out by using the power button to turn off the printer. Wait until the power button is completely off before unplugging the unit. This allows the printer head to return to its resting position, which will help you prevent damage to the printer.
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